olygyny – One Wife For The Leaders of YisraYah'ale Or Many Concubines" – Can I Make My Own Choice?" Ra'ah Deals With The BASTARD bishop charles dowell aka pastor charles dowell – Teaching By Ra'ah"
SHALOM to Kole YisraYah'ale scattered throughout all the world!! Greetings in The PRECIOUS Name of The ABBA YHWH in YHWHSHUA HaMessiYah!!!

"Polygyny – One Wife For The Leaders of YisraYah'ale or Many Concubines"? What is The Answer (s)? Can I as a leaders have as many wives and concubines as I desire? Is this life style a Hebraic "ONLY", given and "COMMANDED" by YHWH for "HIS People"? Can I "Search" The Book and see "The Examples of this action, and Find Results, that show me that it is a "BLESSING or a CURSE"? I need to know these "ANSWERS TO MY QUESTIONS" and many others!! Can you "HELP ME"? YES we Can HELP YOU!! JUST LISTEN on "SHABBAT Celebration" 11/26/2016 @ 11:00 AM EST for all your QUESTIONS to be ANSWERED!!!

POLYGYNY LIE" of "ASSAULT" against the "INNOCENT" daughters of Zion"!! These "BASTARDS" one of them….."BASTARD bishop charles dowell aka BASTARD pastor charles dowell", and any others of this "VIOLENT DECEPTION of HELL", I will ATTACK with True WISDOM of Torah in YHWHSHUA!! These are" LUSTFUL DOGS and SWINES"!! You COMMAND of them to "COMMAND" their "BITCH DAUGHTERS" to submit to this "VILE LIE of CONCUBINAGE"!! The DOGS will NOT!! Make sure they TRAIN their daughters to be CONCUBINES, a WHORE for one of their so called elders!!


14 thoughts on “SHABBAT Celebration – Polygyny – One Wife For The Leaders of YisraYah

    • Dowell was clearly the loser as all he had was “show me the law” and Roberts showed him the ramifications of the polygyny and Dowell did not understand . Dowells lust precedes  him. Dowell clearly admitted the biggest reason to support Polygyny is to impregnate . So is that his real motive behind having a group of virgins under his command ? Another Branch Davidian Compound starting to implode .

    • lol If you belive that all he did was ask questions he did but he also made points .. and brought out scriptures to support his case you are clearly biased.. And now as for your slander go tell him to his face the things you saying cave beast .

  1. Pastor Roberts I don’t know why you just didn’t show them Lev 18:9 which states an Abba is not to uncover the nakedness of sisters or daughters . Chucky Dowell is an Abba of Straitway and if he hasn’t already seems to be planning on breaking Lev 18:9. He kept asking for the legalistic scripture and there it is . I guess you just wanted to show how much they really don’t know. As they desire to recreate the failures of Israel to satisfy their ego that will never be satisfied .

    • +princeofthepower777 Yisrael Not my fault you don’t know that Abba means father because the underlying pictographs are Bull Head – Tent Footprint which means Head Of Household and household  has a wider meaning . Ever hear of the House of Yah or David ? I do see your moniker is in favor of numerology . Do you know what it means 777 ? 7x7x7= 343=3x4x3=36=3×6=18=1×8=8 which is the infinity loop . Now Rev 13:18 is just as easy once you know how it is done . 6x6x6 = 216 = 2x1x6 = 12 = 1×2 = 2 the number of man , male and female . Goodnight Dunce !

  2. Shalom, Pastor Robert keep teaching standing for Father “YHWH” in His Word. Soon it will be over when Father “YHWH” will send our Brother “MessiYah Yahoshua” and settle all things. REMEMBER, IT IS FATHER “YHWH” WHO WIN ALL DEBATE(S)!!! WE ALL MUST KEEP FATHER “YHWH” FIRST IN ALL THINGS!!!  SHALOM

  3. Yahs truth stands forever and ever regardless of how many liars exist in the earth to attempt to contradict it. I love Yahweh’s truth for it is tov to my soul and is the rejoicing of my life. Todah Yah for his truth. Bless you all family of Yisrael!

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