SHABBAT SHALOM to Kole YisraYah'ale scattered throughout all the world!! Greetings in The PRECIOUS Name of The Abba YHWH in YHWHSHUA HaMessiYah!!! "The Debate – Raah Dawid – bishop charles dowell – Response By Raah Dawid"

I want to share with you all an interesting prospective on the debate I had with bishop charles dowell. I want you to LISTENING on SHABBAT to show you'll how WICKED and vile this dog is!! bishop charles dowell is a coward, and has no dept of Torah!! I will reveal to you'll on SHABBAT. PLEASE join me for this informative Truth I will present to YisraYah'ale.


19 thoughts on “SHABBAT Celebration – The Bastard Slip

  1. Thanks for addressing the polygamous indulgences favored by some Hebrew “camps “. Any married couple knows that it takes all of one’s energy to keep the other one happy. Besides, Almighty YAHWEH gave us the perfect model with the creation of Adam and Eve. That ends the debate.

  2. Anyone pushing multi-wives is motivated by the lust, debauch sexual immorality rampant in this kingdom. It is self evident in this kingdom the average Hebrew men have no great love for the daughters of Zion. If they did there would not be so many sisters single with children and so many brothers marrying heathen women. Who benefits from these multi-wives except deprave wicked brothers wanting to prostitute the daughters of Zion. It was prophecied by the patriach Judah that this would be the situation with the men of Judah in the last days (Book of Jubliee). Common sense would dedicate that bros. do not have the mental, economic, psychological and spiritual ability to manage multi-wives because they can’t even take care of one wife. Heck, the heathen men take better care of their wives and children than the average Hebrew men in this kingdom. Our fore-fathers who practiced this behavior had their land, law, customs, language, etc. in tack but every example of multi-wives had serious diabolical issues. The Most High warned us the examples of our forefather were provided for our benefit as lessons to emulate and not to emulate. Anyone who is spiritually minded will know multi-wives is not the PERFECT will of the Most High and therefore, we should not be pursuing this behavior especially in the midst of our captivity. Thank you Pastor Roberts for standing up for righteousness.

    • Claud Black
      Yes I agree! This comes from a Romanian brother. Some wicked teaching by these so called Israelite tribes and I see a lot of mixed up teachings instead of sticking to the teachings of Christ and the Apostoles!

  3. shameful a man who admits in debate that he can’t handle his wife yet he is blind leading the blind david Roberts found out that he is a judge of the law not a follower of Torah if you can’t point out any sin of polgyny within the bible it shows you believe you are a judge of the law you have a offense against Yah and you need to go to Him alone but Yah don’t hear sinner a sinner is a man who does not rule his house a sinner is one gives in to bitterness and hatred all these years you wouldn’t know that because you don’t do spiritual warfare nor cast out devils why because you don’t know His name and for that you and your whole household will die and your sin simple

  4. Please dont do not more debates! That made me sick to my stomach watching that. I had watched a few videos of Pastor Dowell before and it was good (atleast the ones I seen). That debate shouldnt have never happened. They are lives that need to be saved! You know you’re a Warrior with a sword of Yah to cut deep to reprove us and get us right. Why debate non sence like that. Thank You for your service in Yah! Keep cutting!

    • Yahces YisraYah
      Yes that debate was a disgrace and especially for Mr. Dowell being ok with polygamy!
      Let me ask you brothers! What is our duty as Lord’s saved children ?
      Isn’t it to bring lost souls to the truth! We get too lost in polygamy and our ideas instead of focusing to the word of God.
      Me first serving the Lord then being a Christian believer do not like it when we are viewed as lost by your beliefs according to Mr. Dowell.
      So let me ask you that in heaven there’s only your type of religion Israelites?
      As for Mr. Dowell I’ll leave him with this verses Mat 7:20-23

      Another advice for him. If he calls himself a pastor and has more than one wife New Testament is very clear here 1 Tim 3:2

      Brothers and Sisters we have to be very careful how we live our lives because Lord will judge each and everyone of us one day!

    • Shalom my brother, you have well spoken from a true heart after our Heavenly Father “YHWH” own heart! These were my same thoughts exactly! Shalom

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