Sukkot-Tabernacle /The Last Great Day….are OVER, and we have enjoyed the abundances of The Riches of YHWH in YHWHSHUA!! We have had a great celebration here in Teshuwah Community in The Celebration of The Moadim/Feast of YHWH in YHWHSHUA!! We "LOOK" to see you in "the next gathering"!!!

"NOW IT IS TIME TO GET BACK TO THE LABOR OF TORAH"!!! PROPHECY!! PROPHECY!!!PROPHECY!!!! Do we KNOW what TRUE PROPHECY IS? From EVERY VOICE you hear "the time is here", it's over, the end, captivity over NEXT YEAR, who the anti-beast of YHWHSHUA is, identifying the false prophet every kind of INTERPRETATION, INTERPRETATIONS, VOICES so EXTREME, NONE COMPREHENSIBLE REVELATIONS of ALL KINDS and SORTS, in EVERY Name, but The True Name, and all of them saying they have "True PROPHECY"!!

You "DO NOT" WANT TO MISS THIS TEACHING ON "PROPHECY-THE TESTIMONY" – PART 1!! I want you to "LISTEN" and "JUDGE" to see if this "REVELATION of PROPHECY" is of The Torah Truth", or I am BLOWING about like every voice that out their today!!!


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