Recorded LIVE from #PassoverCharlotte for Shabbat Night Live! Michael Rood reveals, for the FIRST TIME EVER, a working half-scale model of the sand-hydraulic elevator system within the columns of Solomon’s Temple that hid the Ark of the Covenant!

This is an incredible teaching with an impeccable presentation! Relive this very exciting moment of Shabbat Night Live from Passover 2018!

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12 thoughts on “Shabbat Night Live from Passover 2018: Where is the Ark of the Covenant?

  1. WOW! This teaching and it’s visual display is so very POWERFUL! THANK YOU Michael Rood and all those who brought this together. You have brought great clarity and understanding to this part of Scripture for me. BLESSINGS!

  2. This is just awesome, can hardly wait until part 2 when he tells how Ron Wyatt found it and what is going to be done with it very shortly, possibly this year!

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