Join us LIVE from #PassoverCharlotte for Shabbat Night Live! Michael Rood will reveal, for the FIRST TIME EVER, a working half-scale model of the sand-hydraulic elevator system within the columns of Solomon’s Temple that hid the Ark of the Covenant!
Also joining Michael are special guests Perry Stone, Bill Cloud, Joel Richardson, and Chris Knight! This is the event of the year! Join us live from Charlotte for this very exciting episode of Shabbat Night Live at Passover 2018!


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15 thoughts on “Shabbat Night LIVE from Passover 2018

  1. I believe that in the real Body of Christ, a pastor is a call… it is Jesus who selects a person to be that, and He empowers this person. So many people with diplomas, and who have received by the imposition of hands anointing to “be pastors/shepherds” – who Jesus did not call and did not prepare! I have seen these false pastors doing what is written in Ezekiel 34. This is embezzlement of His Power, we will be judged by that. A person that Jesus calls and prepares to be a shepherd/pastor to a group of people has the gifts that that position needs, and hopefully, this person will seek the Face of God to deal with problems, to intercede for the people he is taking care of. In summary, someone who will hear and obey Jesus continually.
    For example, Bill Cloud is obviously a teacher, he is a gift of ourJesus to the body…. he might have gone to an institute and have a degree, but the important thing is that he was selected and sent to do it. He loves the word, is inquisitive, meditates on it and I am sure asks the Lord to reveal him, show him what is hidden in it. The Lord does it! We all benefit from his teachings because he is anointed and obedient to our Lord.

    What I say is that I don’t need to see a diploma… I rather see the fruits in the person! There is a lot of people with diplomas, that shouldn’t be in the position they are.

  2. Never mind,, I’ve also reached the stage in my life, where “I’m: blind and stupid”. I actually stumbled my way though it and got it ordered. ..I think …we’ll see if anything shows up. thanks for the ministry

  3. The link worked well, I but had managed to order it already, but thanks anyway it should help others suffering from periods of “stupid and blind” time most of us go through as we get older but don’t want to give up “seeking for truth” THANKS

  4. When the redeemed House of Israel and House of Judah become one in His hand (governance) and return to the land, then their teachings will be followed by signs and wonders.

  5. I love the message that the Hebrew man have. He is on the ball. Hallelujah! Thank God for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in Mr Michael Rood life, praise God!

  6. Thank God He is working for the UNITY of the believers of Yeshua/Jesus gathering teachers from different biblical backgrounds e.g. Hebrew and Gentiles, Messianic and non-Messianic etc..

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