9 thoughts on “Shabbat Night Live – Interview with Kent Hovind – LIVE Passover 2016

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  2. God Bless Ron Wyatt and his family for the good work they conducted outside the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. Just one drop of Yeshua’s Blood redeemed us all.

  3. Kent almost at the point of tears. That was moving. Like he said, he’s book will bear no charge against him, he suffered for the Lamb 10 years in prison. And yes if you are christian tribulation is promised to you but not wrath that’s for the world. But I bet for christians Iraqis and Syrians these days feel like the great tribulation.

  4. The government made a great deal of damage to his ministry.  However, the good thing is that all his debates and presentations are on tape.  We Christians still can use them as tools to evangelize others.  It’s a pity that they don’t come doubled to Spanish though.  I really would like to have them on Spanish.  Can somebody give an idea how to do this?

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