Instruments by Olivier.S a.k.a M.Fasol Shabbat Song שבת ft. Yahunatan ( Yasharal Music ) Yahuah/Yahusha/ Hebrew / Hebrew hope you enjoy some music from the youth. This is to get you ready for shabbat HallaluYah! Beat by M.Fasol


25 thoughts on “Shabbat Song שבת ft. Yahunatan ( Hebrew Music ) Yahuah / Yahusha / Yasharal

  1. my ahk! im vibing with this one. the beat and the melody are on point. I’m glad that Yahuah is allowing you to do your desires! I say Shabbat shalom ahky!!

  2. ShaBaT ShaLoWM!
    How much electronic instruments will be played in the new Jerushalajm? Thank you, for your today willing to praise YaHushuWaH!
    ToDa RaBaH!

  3. Oh Praises to Yahuah, what a sweet song about HIS day!!! So true!!! Love this song!! Thanks for sharing, and! Be Barak by Yahuah, always.!!  Is there a way to get more of this music?

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