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Here this amazing story about how my friend Sam Shappard who was rushed to the hospital with Covid-19 at this link:

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Hear this amazing story about how my friend Sam Shappard who was rushed to the hospital with Covid-19

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Here is the interview I did about the CRP Blood test

Here is another interview I did with Sam about Astaxanthin


36 thoughts on “Shocking Information about The Covid-19 Vaccine

  1. The Bible tells us “who ever seeks to save his life (by taking the vaccine ) shall loose it but who ever looses his life for ALMIGHTY YAHWEH ❤️ (by refusing it ) shall save his life and receive life eternal. The Bible tells us ” Look up for your redemption draws near: in the twinkling if an eye the dead in KING YAHSHUA ❤️ shall rise first and then those who are alive and remain shall be caught up to meet KING YAHSHUA ❤️ in the air. ” We are to pray daily that we be found worthy to escape the things coming on the earth.

  2. Thank you for sharing this video. PRAISE Yah!
    When these things begin to happen, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near. Luke 21:28

  3. I’m not scared of the virus at all. I am scared of persecution because of rejecting the vaccine, but at the same time I am ready for it. I have great respect for every preacher who warns the flock from that vaccine. May Yah bless you! Thank you!

  4. The vax is not the Mark of the Beast. Scripture clearly points to sin as being the Mark of the Beast. With that being said, the vax (which can be found in Revelation 9) is a judgement of who knows God and who does not know God and this is how it is connected to, but not the actual Mark of the Beast. We see that judgement here.
    2 Thessalonians 1:8
    In flaming fire *taking vengeance on them that know not God* and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ

    *Glory to the most high God!*

    • Stump in the Earth, I agree. The name Lucifer is not the name of the evil one we call satan. The name Lucifer is only mentioned once in the KJV in Isaiah 14:12. The Hebrew word translated “day star” or “Lucifer” is Helel. This has been rendered in a number of ways, because there was doubt as to its proper meaning, and how it should be interpreted.
      Helel has been understood to be from the verb, “to howl.” Therefore the translation of Isaiah 14:12 would read, “Howl, son of the morning.”In the context of Isaiah, Helel is used for the proper name for the king of Babylon. Therefore his name would be translated as “day star,” or “bright one,” (also associated with Venus), which becomes Lucifero, when the Hebrew “Helel” is translated into Latin.
      Lucifero  means “to shine.” So, if this term is understood to be a proper name of the king of Babylon, that name, in Latin, would be Lucifer.

    • @D Gow Where do you find Helel used for the proper name for the king of Babylon? Not Nebuchadnezzar. I am very interested because I am doing a study on how the fall of Nebuchadnezzar reflects the fall of Adam/man in Daniel 4. Thanks..

  5. Is it in the distributed vaccine, or was it just in the test vaccine? I’m trying to track the research and it’s unclear. I’m not getting it regardless.

    • To the person who cited the luciferase test from the FDA, it seems to be the strongest indicator i have found that the distributed vaccines may contain luciferin, because of the intent to track antibodies specifically resulting from having been vaccinated and the necessity for luciferin, with which the luciferase bonds. Where else does the luciferin come from, if not the vaccine?

    • No it is not the mark of the beast that comes later in the right hand or forehead. I believe The rapture comes first then the 144,000 ( from true tribes of Israel , servants of the most high God) will be on Earth warning people not to take it or worship the beast.

    • I was reading a commentary that was highlighting the aspect of the mark of the beast necessitating a willful decision to take the mark. People could realistically be ignorant of the implications of this vaccine, by assuming it’s a standard vaccine. All you can do is read your Bible and pray, and ask for the Lord to keep you with him.

  6. This alone should expose who truly loves HIM. This will also expose those who claim to love HIM but do not. Pay attention lovers of YHVH/YAHSHUA. YHVH bless and keep you.

  7. What’s sad is we tell so many about this through Faith, Logic, Commonsense and The Lord’s Word but the Indoctrination through Demonic Tell Lie Vision, turning the “Channels” for “Programming” is strong.. We must be on the offensive as Believers, John Ramirez goes to these Churches trying to wake them up with Truth, We must surrender everything to Our Father in Heaven and serve The Lord Only. Warrior Up Family!!!👏💪🙏☝

  8. This is getting serious.
    Today I was attacked and told that my whole family think I’m crazy and all of my families friends think so to because of my beliefs and warning them about the vaccine, the mark of the best and the return of our Messiah! Mockers fulfill the prophecy! Even more reason to praise our Father!!

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