Should Christians Celebrate Thanksgiving?

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17 thoughts on “Should Christians Celebrate Thanksgiving?

  1. what about taking advantage of the “sales” after Thanksgiving where cranberries (and many other fruits and nuts) will be on sale and I home can/preserve much of my own fruit – would it be wrong to take advantage of the low price on fruit and buy these kinds of things to home preserve???

  2. Paul, can you please give scripture that we should not celebrate any secular traditions? What deity does Thanksgiving celebrate? What about Veterans day or the 4th of July? Or how about the big one, Hanukkah???

  3. I really appreciate you sharing these very important messages Paul~ We are also not supposed to celebrate our birthdays, if I understand correctly ?  Thank you !! Reaching my own family with theses truths is quite the challenge~

  4. Setting aside a day to be thankful doesn’t imply that we are “saving up” our thankfulness every other day, nor does it make us pagans. Plus, he gives no explanation for why thanksgiving is pagan or unbiblical. This is nonsense.

    • Cas Williamson My reason is simple: your view is unbiblical. I agree that we should follow the scriptures and avoid sin. Not all traditions are sinful, and choosing to celebrate God’s blessings with a special meal on Thanksgiving is neither sinful nor contrary to scripture. We shouldn’t go beyond scripture to defy culture simply because we can. It’s logically invalid.

    • So I’m wrong, I suppose. Then show me why: Give me one biblical, logically valid reason why it’s sinful to celebrate thanksgiving in the way I have described. If you cannot, then your beliefs are false.

    • T Birch I watched the video; I know what he said. My point is that it’s dumb to give a conclusion with no premises. Watch: “It’s sinful to run on a treadmill.” Biblical evidence: “Well…look it up.”

  5. I disagree it’s a family time to get together and give thanks to YeHoVah for the blessings. I will continue to celebrate this day along with the holydays, sorry but I don’t believe it is a sin, we each have our own opinions

  6. I’ve been taught it’s our country’s history. Plus since I don’t observe Easter, Halloween, nor Christmas, I don’t see what’s wrong celebrating with family I see once or maybe twice a year. ❤️🙏

    I do watch what I eat. Some eat pork, I do not. And I don’t gorge on other dishes. We do come together and pray….which in itself is priceless. However, thank you Paul for your faithfulness to your viewers. I for one love to hear what you have to share.

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