Should I Quit The Vegan Diet?
I am not planing on stopping eating a vegan diet but made this video for people I know who are thinking about it.

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15 thoughts on “Should I Quit The Vegan Diet?

    • +Leslie Phillips You need to educate yourself. Starting with the gut microbiome. There is no physiological need for the human body to eat animal products. Just because you “feel better” doesn’t mean you will have long term good health on carnivore or a lifetime of animal products.

    • Leslie Phillips … I can only speculate, but it is likely you were improperly combining fibrous / high water content foods (bad recipes for the gut); most cooked vegan recipes are disasterous and far from mono meals. In regards to retreating to animal protein, you may be monomealing meat dishes or creating more simple recipes; i find that simplicity is best for digestion, however the lack of fiber in animal protein will not work in our intestines, physiologically, in the long run.

  1. I’d be interested in knowing what the percentage of Vegans are only Vegan because they care about animal oppression and not for health reasons. So much vegan foods are pure junk!!!

  2. Our CREATOR plainly gave us a vegan diet and we went away from nature and this is the cause of our dis-ease diseases. We must obey HIS instructions of health

  3. You just say its unhealthy to eat meat,and that animal products cause diseases and sickness?how?show us all how and why! If anything,its your words that makes people unhealthy,and sick

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