Is there a connection to low DHEA and Cancer? Do vegans need to talk a DHEA supplement?


4 thoughts on “Should Vegans Take DHEA

  1. good question. Yet another question should be addressed. What is the root cause
    of our hormones depleting? Age is not the only matter.
    Toxicity, making an imbalanced system should be addressed.
    Why mask it with an isolated chemistry..

    • Isolated vitamins/minerals are always a lower quality source. Nature is in balance as should be our food intake. We should be assimilating our nutrients through whole food sources.
      When needing extra nutrition , i highly recommend ingesting herbal teas and especially sea vegetables such as dulse/kelp.
      its just loaded with nutrients and extremely alkaline. Hope that answered your question

  2. You can naturally raise DHEA levels by taking chromium and magnesium.  Synthetic DHEA supplements have too many side effects to mention.  Magnesium oil rubbed into the skin is the best way to get magnesium absorbed into the bloodstream.

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