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This topic will offend many people but Yahweh has put it on my heart to share it and I do believe society will be blessed if women wore modest long skirts instead of pants.

It is not my goal to convince you to agree with me, but it is my responsibility to share scriptural principles from the Bible. What you do with that is up to you. Shalom

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28 thoughts on “Should Women Wear Pants

  1. I’ve been wearing long skirts since last summer, if I tried to wear just pants I feel very self conscious and uncomfortable. I wear pants under my skirts because it’s cold here and skirts are too free at times. It’s very important for mindset too not just clothes, that’s where I need to focus. It’s not just clothing, we need to be modest in our interactions with each other.

  2. You are right about women we are groomed since childhood through socitey media culture and a unseen relm. In parallel, men get desensitized through the un seen relm,commonalities, culture and media . The advasary takes this to the nth degree through grapic image porn and a norm that seems to be ever gender bending. Men are more visual women are more relational.
    Yes our jobs are different thus Yah built us different. There are pants that are loose and shirts that a big and long that equal tunics . I stopped wearing make up mostly My dress is ever changing more and more modest . It is easy now with leggings under tunics,skirts & dresses . I still wear jeans from time to time . I wont wear skirt with out leggings just comfort and I feel safer .Its a great discussion brother .good job!

    • Very nicely done. Before coming to Yeshua, I have lived in Key West, Married to a Dancer in Vegas ect, ect…. Been around all of the debauchery… Modesty is now Beautiful ❤️ God’s Blessings and Shalom Y’all 🙏🙏🙏

  3. I have been wearing skirts only for several years. I make long patchwork skirts that are ankle length. I also wear leggings under for extra modesty and cover to my elbows. I have also been covering my head for the last year. I so agree with everything you say here. I am raising the last two of my four boys and I see what a struggle it is for them. I don’t want to be that struggle for anyone else. Thank you for speaking about this. May YHWH bless you for your work here. Shalom.

  4. Pants that are loose to me are okay with a longer top to cover past hips. No skin tight pants…No low cut, sleveless tops. Hard to wear a skirt while working construction…dangerous on a ladder. Skirts make me nervous…if you fall and your skirt flips up…easy access. I hate bathing suits. Tunic over pants make most sense to me.

  5. The outward appearance reflects the heart. Just as out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, so out of the abundance of the heart the outward personality, behavior, clothing, and lifestyle speaks.

  6. I agree with everything you’ve mentioned; however, isn’t there a time and place for everything? For example working at a warehouse. It’s inconvenient to wear a dress/shirt…what’s the suggestion?
    Apostle Paul mentioned modest appeal.

    • Well in the bible times women would be home and men would do the work in the warehouse but if you must do that work and are a woman what is essential is to cover yourself so if you must wear pants wear a very long loose shirt to keep covered. That’s kind of the point but try to find a job you don’t need to wear pants if you can. That would be more in line with Yahweh’s order.

  7. Thank you, Paul.
    I think about this too, and I think the greater issue is women’s abuse of their power – and that goes all the way from modesty in dress to abortion.
    We have long berated men for abusing their greater physical strength in relation to those who are weaker, but we are slow in teaching women about their responsibility with regard to their God-given gifts.
    In today’s world, walking on the street is like being in a soft-porn film. This behavior from women is actually emasculating to men – my opinion. And I wonder about why we are plagued by low fertility and low sperm-counts in otherwise healthy people – could this also be part of the “modesty”issue?
    And yes, when you wear skirts and dresses and don’t wear pants without a long tunic, people notice. In my experience, some women are offended. I have been asked by a clerk in a shop: “Don’t you EVER wear pants?”
    Thanks for courageously opening the door to this issue. It’s a big, heavy door, with many others on the other side trying to keep it closed.
    May God bless and keep you, in Jesus’ Name.

  8. Paul, may Yahweh shine His favor upon you for speaking out about a topic that majority of people don’t want to hear and you showed such bravery for Scripture to preach what is truth! I am ashamed to say that I was a person who valued my appearance and suffered from body image issues and got down to my lowest unhealthy weight, but I wore the things of the world, never revealing stuff but dresses and jeans that revealed the shape of my figure. When I came to Yeshua, at that time I knew Him as Jesus, and I was ready to give up my life for Him and to serve Him and I threw away all of my old clothes and wanted to be a holy woman. My journey to finding Jesus and discovering Yeshua is an intimate story to my heart, but I wanted to be a holy woman and serve Him. The Bible opened the door but it was Yeshua’s love that saved my life. I started to wear knee length skirts and it just kept getting longer and longer and my love for Him grew stronger and stronger, and He changed my heart first and then He changed my appearance and it’s like He wiped all my makeup off, along with tears and He was the first man to look me in the eyes and call me beautiful. My modesty is a reflection of the heart and of my soul. I want my faith to shine and my love and devotion for Yeshua to be seen. I want others to see Him in me and not see me, for what am I without Him? Modesty is a reflection of His love and it’s not done in vanity but done in love. It all comes down to love. Paul, you have touched my heart with this message on brought me to tears and I’m proud brother of you for sharing this message to all who want to listen. May Yahweh bless you and your family and keep you safe forever. I love everyone here so much! Amein! 💙🕊💙

    • @Quintessential Modesty thank you so kindly my wonderful sister in Messiah Yeshua! Thank you for such kindness and I pray that all is well and that Yahweh’s love just overwhelms your heart and shelters you under His wings. Amein! 💙🕊💙

  9. Just had a thought, what you are saying is like our sinful nature while living worldly, we are very comfortable in our nakedness, but when we become aware of our nakedness of our souls and need to ask God for his help to change?

  10. My wife and I were raised in a “holiness” lifestyle but after we were married I realized that the way we dressed was simply because we were told to with no teaching about it. Clothing was salvation but hating your neighbors was completely fine. But over time we’ve come to learn that the way we have always dressed couldn’t be for salvation but because we love our creator and each other.

  11. The Father revealed this to me years ago and it was challenging at first but feels completely natural and genuine now and I could never imagine going back. Men most certainly treat me differently when I am dressed in a feminine modest manner. It is an inside out situation and our hearts must become set on obedience and holiness even when everyone thinks we’re nuts. I kept some comfy pants as undergarments and they are helpful in that capacity. Blessings.

  12. Amen Paul I so agree I cannot for the life of me since coming to truth in my walk of salvation go out of my home without covering with a long skirt and headcovering . Hallaluijah this is true freedom in my eyes to be serving our creator in such humbleness 🙌🤍🙏
    All glory to our King Yahshua 🙌

  13. You explained this in such a kind and loving way Paul-that any woman who feels offended, rather than inspired should immediately reflect deeply and go to the Word (as u wisely advised). I am personally struggling to make this change. It’s so encouraging to hear the love in ur voice towards us all.

  14. I can relate and agree with part of this so no condemnation here. But who is to say pants are only for men? Long skirted type clothing was worn by men and women in the days this command was given.
    Pants weren’t even known.
    However what is worn today is an abomination with extreme tightness showing much detail and is disgusting. Even the bra we wear that ‘lifts and separates’ is not in modest standing but draws the eye.
    It is hard to know for certain. What is a man’s clothing or a woman’s.
    That said I do at times wear long skirt. The only ones I wear that do not come to ankles go just below the knees and one that goes to mid way between knee and ankle. And short pant to mid calf but not above a knee.
    Still I appreciate wearing skirt long apparel. My pants I do wear wouldn’t attract a bug let alone a man.
    Thank you for bring up men as well and focusing only on women though women seem so far seem to be the most revealing.

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