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The Ark of the Covenant – The Almighty set the heavenly bodies in their courses and said, “Let them be for SIGNS, and for SEASONS, and for DAYS, and for YEARS.” The SIGNS in the heavens – specifically the four consecutive lunar eclipses on the Feasts of Passover and Tabernacles in the years 2014 and 2015 – do not tell us the specifics of that which will transpire. But they are a wake-up call to the servants of the Messiah. Furthermore, these eclipses are NOT “blood moons” by biblical definition, but rather a celestial John the Baptist crying out from the wilderness of space.

Heaven has been speaking to us through revelation given to those who have been directly led by the Spirit. These revelations are tangible, clear instructions that have been confirmed by the prophets and servants who have been a message to declare to this generation. “Surely the Most High will do nothing unless he first reveals it to his servants, the Prophets.”

Join Michael Rood for the opening of the Passover 2014 extravaganza as he presents the first episode in "The Ark of the Covenant” series – " The Signs in the Heavens – and the Revelation from Heaven "

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