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34 thoughts on “Silver – The Party Is Over Dollar Exit Right!

    • +Todd CK—–I understand value a lot. I wouldn’t spend my cash on useless things. The most I spend is around 10 dollars a year, If I’m out biking and I come across a restaurant. I make a few hundred a year from birthdays, jobs, and more. I’d want to invest because the dollar keeps dropping in value, and I’ve been watching stocks for some time now-They don’t work like the dollar. They seem to rise when the value of the dollar goes down. Or when their company is successful. I’m too young to invest I think and I’ve been trying to get my dad to invest in things such as cement or copper because of Trump’s infrastructure plans and the Wall, but I don’t know what companies Trump will pick, although the bidding ended yesterday. I might not know enough other that buying low and selling high, but I’ve seen the usual highs and lows on some of them. Buying silver seems like a good idea and by the end of the summer I might earn a few hundred so I’ll have a thousand dollars. Don’t know what I’ll put that into, probably a low cost stock between 1-20 dollars. Apparently there are stocks that cost a few cents so I could easily make a profit on those whenever I’m old enough to invest. Silver is probably a much better deal than keeping it in a bank. I’ve had about 800 dollars in there for nearly a year and only made 45 cents interest.

  1. Save your fire. Silver should hit $12 in the next year and then you can load up. The present rally is just one in a long line of sucker rallies.

  2. problem is pastor is that you’re comparing the prices of precious metal against the dollar. Go find the definition of the term dollar in the federal, or any state codes. You can’t, it’s not defined. The buying power of silver and gold hasn’t changed in 5, 000 years. We MUST keep that in mind. a one ounce gold piece byys the same today as it did during Christ’s time. The system is rigged.

    • go to mining 1/4 reports , goggle mining company’s,,look at usa mint mintage of coins ,or other mints ,a lot of fake news on youtube ,go to coin shows in your town ,google it,,,i dont see to many people buying silver bullion at shows,and there flooded with boxes ,, a lot of supply now ,and no one is fighting over it ,its not going to $ 200 a oz LOL

  3. Silver is a huge bargain right now. Even buy junk silver if that’s all you can afford. I buy as much as my budget allows. Thanks for the video, but I think it falls on deaf ears sometimes. Regards

  4. the problem now with silver it is flooded from 2008 to 2017 the mints dumping huge stockpiles ,silver is like invading from mars now ,its everywhere,100 xs more than paper ,,a lot of fake news on silver ,real story its cost $2 -$3 to mine silver,,not like they say $12 oz i think kitco pays $4 oz silver $280 oz gold ,,on kitco news 3 weeks ago they said that ,,,,just one coin ,silver eagle 600 million and not done minting ,thats one coin out of 1000s of coins last 30 yrs,, and thats only 1 mint out of 30++ mints ,look at mining stock 1/4 reports ,look at usa mintage of coins ,and thats not counting ,,bars,rounds,sets,proofs ,the list goes on

  5. Ezekiel 7:19
    “‘They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean. Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’s wrath. It will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs, for it has caused them to stumble into sin.

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