Here are some questions I answered after a health lecture I gave.
-What do I eat in an average day?
-How do you know how much sleep you need?
-Why is it not healthy to sleep after eating a meal?

You can see the full 1 hour lecture at:


9 thoughts on “Sleep – How much do we really need?

  1. I just wanted to say because I just watched one of your other videos on EFT and I think this is a great channel, I’m really looking into healthy lifestyle choices and have lots more questions. I also have a question about how cold weather can affect the body? Right now where I live it gets to -50 and I find I have much less pain in my body during the warm months and less muscle and bone pain.

  2. How about if you eat 1 meal a day? Is it ok to eat it at night or a few hours (3 or so) before bed? I try to eat around 5pm and get in bed around 8 and to sleep around 9/10

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