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We are traveling in the midwest. Checked into a nice hotel that has a kitchen. So I went down the block and stocked up on some raw goodies. In today's video I show you what our hotel refrigerator and kitchen area looks like.

The question of the day is, when you check into a hotel, do you get a room with a kitchen? And what do you keep in the refrigerator?


20 thoughts on “Sneak Peak Of My Raw Food Hotel Refrigerator

  1. Lol @ “whole paycheck” it’s sooo true 🙂 I usually bring as much as I can with me in a cooler. I like to bring my home made coconut squares -a whole lot of those. I like to prepare avocado cucumber salads and bring that… Kinda like a home made guacamole only it’s chunky not smooth. And I like to bring lentils that I make at home too. They’re not raw but they’re still healthy and they keep well and fill u up 🙂 then I’ll buy leafy green or prepared salads and have that with the stuff I brought

  2. My salvation when I travel is homemade trail mix. I soak my nuts and dehydrate them a couple days before and add sulfur-free dried fruits, goji berries, shredded coconut, and anything healthy I can find. After going to breakfast with my fellow road warriors and not being able to eat anything on the breakfast buffet, I started to bring snack bags with Raw Meal and add them to a little bottle of orange juice you find in the lobby store. Not perfect, but better than hotel waffles.

  3. Hi hln63 and thanks for your question. Yes, that does sound counter intuitive! However, when you soak your nuts you wake up the life force in them and coax them to begin to sprout. Also, walnuts have a lot of tannins which get soaked out. The water will be dark and cloudy, full of tannins and bitter. Try it. I think you will find the walnuts are delicious and do not have any trace of bitterness – well worth a day of soaking and an hour or two in the dehydrator!

  4. When we stay in a hotel, we always request a room with a fridge. No, we do not eat out. Our ideal way to travel is in our 5th wheel – no worries there!

    Debbie *Ü*

  5. im sure the hotel will be happy about the durian stench. it has a tendency to stain the room for months I think, its a big problem in asia lol.

  6. @francophille Thanks for your reply.. makes sense. btw, At my local ‘organic produce store’ earlier today I spotted packaged Brazil nuts which had been soaked in saline water before being dehydrated at low temperature (reason given was to improve digestibility)… so much to learn about… 🙂

  7. Thanks hln63, we are all learning. I guess the important thing is to keep vigilant with regard to Big Ag (General Foods, etc.) and read all we can to short circuit what they do to our food so we can eat as healthfully as possible. BTW, about the saline water soak, Charlotte Gerson calls salt a poison because it kills the enzymes in our food. Hmmm, sounds like that added extra step might really hurt your digestion rather than help. As you said, so much to learn!

  8. GT Dave’s Kombucha is a “flavored junk soda”? Really? It is raw, organic and there are NO added flavors! It has 4 grams of sugar in the entire bottle (2 grams per serving). And this sugar comes from the small amounts of added juice. I’ve brewed my own kombucha for a long tine and have researched it a lot. It has helped many people cure skin problems such as rosacea and eczema. It helped my aunt with her cancer. Comparing this probiotic drink with soda, which has 15x more sugar, is inaccurate.

  9. @francophille Sure! It’s super duper easy. Just cut the avocado into cubes, and cut the cucumber into fours. Dump it all in a big bowl. Then add Lemon juice. I use quite a bit. Then you can add any seasonings you like. I enjoy some oregano, sea salt, cumin, and a pinch of cayenne. I also like to add hemp seeds and sesame seeds. Oh! And green onions. That makes it really nice. So once everything is in the bowl, I just mix it up and put it in containers, and that’s about it 🙂 Enjoy! lol.

  10. @hln63 it makes it easier to digest. Once you soak them it’s best to consume them but if you are not going to eat them all dehydrating them will help them store longer.

  11. @callmeshane303 Meat is awesome, but bread—read Wheat Belly!! Gluten is so super horrible!! Find out about grains and their anti nutrients!

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