We got a big response to the video I posted yesterday about how far we can go on how little food. Many of you had questions about it so I figured I'd reply to some of the comments and questions today. There is really no one set answer for everyone, please don't listen to anyone who says the amount should be the same for everyone. What is for sure is that too much is always too much.


8 thoughts on “So How Much Food Do We Really Need? #536

  1. Thank you for the very informative video. There is a lot of talk in the raw food community – not always sound instruction. I appreciate your videos.

  2. I just got back into raw 100% and I am already feeling SO much better. Skin is softer, my mood is lighter, and I’m wondering why I ever quit! I was worried though, because I have naturally been eating a lot less, and not but 30 minutes before I checked my email and saw your video, I had thought to myself “Am I eating too little?”. Thank you for being in sync with me and giving your wise advice. I hope you live a very long life and can continue to share your wisdom with myself and others. =))

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