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  1. Paul, I have a friend who just had a baby (“Aaron”) 2 weeks ago and her husband wants to take the 3 of the on a trip to Israel in September. The doctor says the baby should have some vaccinations before the trip. They are Messianic Jews and have always wanted to go to Israel. This is a work trip for him. I say wait and do the trip later, Aaron is too young for vaccinations. What do you think?

    • personal they say vacation are unhealthy but I would pray and ask Yahweh what to do if your not saved get saved and do the will of Yeshua and try your best to be obedient don’t be a hypocrite like me I keep falling back into sin and still trying to do Yahweh will also don’t be decieved not everything in Israel to day is righteous theres a lot of pagan stuff like the talmud or the star on there flag its a cultic its not the True star of david and the talmud talk bad about Yeshua so do not except it it does not even line up with Torah its just mans Traditions I would just stick with Torah I know some of the stuff in King James Bible has error but most of it still lines up with Yahweh Holy world I also learned from some one that jesus in modern hebrew if you look up gee and sus separately it means is proud horse so I just call him Yeshua now just because some body says jesus don’t assume every thing they say is false take what is True and throw out all the atuff that does not line up with Torah thats what I do when it comes to true or false teachers now I do not except false teacher but I will except part of what they say if its True cause I can’t go against Yahweh word but will not except everything false and reject the false teacher so Im not deceived stay faithful to Yeshua study His word for your self be bold about the Truth preach His word to people don’t. be in barest like me to stand up for whats right be willing to die for Yeshua and help does in need pray for your enemys that still can be saved do not forget about the Holy Ghost like most believe He is God to there are 3 God the Father ,Son ,and Spirit nowas for speaking in tongues I could be wrong but I believe when the Holy Ghost comes a pound you thats and you speak another foreign language not of your own but of another country that you don’t know how to speak I believe this is True speaking in tongue not babbling witch could be tongue of crappy devil but could be wrong pray Yeahua forgive me of Iam wrong also last thing don’t be decieved I study the bible for my self and what I got out of it is that the antichrist will come before Yeshua decieveing the world that he is god to worship his image probably a image of satan or about and to take his mark probably. a rifd cheap or a symbol on right hand or forehead sense you can’t buy with out it do not worship the antichrist image or take his mark cause you will be condemn to the lake of fire Yahweh word makes it clear also Im not saying the antichrist will come as a long hair jesus that every one thinks the True Yeshua looks like but don’t be decieved cause the anti christ could show up like that or I believe the real Yeshua had short hair and a long beard like most of Yahweh followers but don’t be decieved by this either cause the crappy anti christ could come in that form to or he mite look like a normal man but mainly what Im saying is if a messiah or some one that looks like a saviour in the clouds come but the antichrist was not revealed to Yeshua people yet its probably the antichrist in the sky cause the True Messiah Son of Yahweh who came in the flesh will not return until after the Great Tribulations to save His faithful people stay Faithful to Yeshua keep the faith a pray for Yahweh people to be protected all Glory be to Yahweh

  2. sometimes it seems everyone eating raw foods is trying to create raw food “business” or write a raw book. and they are all making lasagna…

  3. Well, lasagna good and most people are used to the heavy foods like that so it great to have it raw! We owned a raw cafe and that was one of the most popular items on the menu. If ya can’t afford to go to a course you can get our DVD to make it at home. Go to Almond Blossom Live website and see the DVD page.

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