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23 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse Yeshua’s Return (LIVE)

    • Jackie Harrington lol dont feel bad. I just found out last friday. I wouldve been one of the blind ones. Walking out for lunch saying heyyyy why is it so dark at 115pm? Must be a bad storm coming lol.
      Amos i believe 8:9 KJV talks about this Eclipse thing. Friday i thought they were talking about a Mitsubishi Eclipse 🤣. Im like how is a car gonna be in the sky. I dont do the news nor pay attention to things of the world. Apparently im nor alone.

  1. Everyones treating this eclipse like its the Super Bowl , throwing parties all over the place and selling hotels for over $1,000 a night in certain areas where its most visible lol…

  2. Your daughter is so precious!!! What a blessing to bring up your girls to know the Father and Son at a young age. They will be blessed and thankful to you for this!!! You’re a wonderful Dad Paul!!!

  3. The children are precious, it hurts me so to see how the adults of the world treat and allow treatment of God’s cherished gifts. Whether they believe it or not, they curse themselves with the milestone around their neck and the Father will remind them on judgement day!

  4. Paul,

    Come on now. Why do you always say such silly nonsensical things on your videos? People were talking and looking forward to today’s solar eclipse because it’s a repeating, naturally predictable event and they indeed knew the “day and the hour” it would happen, even the precise seconds in each region. I look forward to the return of Yeshua, it’s part of my belief structure, but people have been wrongly predicting it for hundreds of years now, I don’t have a strong idea myself because I need to study the Book of Revelation much more (in the Greek) before I can feel more sure of things. Even then, I feel it will hold true that no-one will quite know the day or hour until the very end of Tribulation. It’s not an easy topic for conversation.

    We need to be keeping more of our Creator’s Torah, but if it was as easy as just studying the Bible a lot, people wouldn’t be falling into traps like Hebrew Word Pictures, Lunar Sabbath, Linen Frequencies and the Aleph-Tav Bible (some of these things you’ve been endorsing yourself, though they are distractions), all this “Hebraic Roots” junk. The right authority structures need to be in place too. Teachers of “Hebrew Roots” have to be accountable for, yes indeed, being FLUENT in the Hebrew language of the Tanakh, before they teach anyone else. Because you’ve shown very little evidence so far of this skill, I must conclude logically that you don’t know Hebrew.

    Don’t make the rest of us look bad by saying stuff that makes Torah-pursuant faith in Yeshua look like it can’t even get to 100 IQ. I’m tired of that. Torah doesn’t mean rabbinic, but it still requires strong linguistic and critical thinking and deductive reason skills to derive accurate, plausible conclusions from the often very brief commands and injunctions of the written Scripture.

    Hope that my comment doesn’t overly disturb you brother. 🙁

  5. Thank you again for a good video with your lovely daughter… You can tell you are raising her well… I only started watching your videos a few weeks ago and decided to take your advice on some things you spoke about but I really took your advice on clean eating… for a few weeks now I haven’t eaten meat and I’m kind of semi fasting and eating mostly clean food and I feel like a different person and lighter and more relaxed which will make it easier to connect with Yeshua and his father… It’s an uphill battle sometimes but we need to become better… Adios and keep up the good work… You are making a difference in people’s lives and I am one of them… Thank you

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