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It's sometimes heard to hear the truth. Sometimes people truly don't know. Other times people will know but reject the truth. For some reason people are scared to say some of these things but I had to.


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22 thoughts on “Someone had to say this…

  1. Amen Paul, you are right on the scripture, keep on enduring and getting the message out, you along with others I was meant to come across within the past few months, and my life has been changing, there has been struggles, but I along with all of us must keep obeying and seeking the truth, living and walking in the Spirit by living in Torah and Yeshua. Yehovah our Elohim bless you and keep you, in Yeshuas name, Amen.

  2. Shalom Brother. I live in Los Angeles and it’s a cesspool. You can actually feel the Ruach Ha Kodesh receding. Only a Remnant shall remain and I’m doing my BEST to make sure my family and I are part of it. Much Shalom to you and your Family. Keep bringing the Truth 👊🏾!

  3. Help us all Yah to stand firm and focused through these times. Keep His banner of righteousness raised with His strength. Be encouraged everyone for our labor is not in vain.

  4. Ritalin is a problem. Schools convincing parents that the children will not behave or focus. Yet they will turn the parent in if you spank them when they misbehave. Never give children drugs.
    Homeschool if you can possibly do it. I wish I had.
    Blessing and Shalom

  5. You are right about willful sinners leading churches. But I believe these willful sinners should all go to church regularly and be stimulated to read the common (not the gay) Bible. If they learn the will of God they might understand that God wants them to stop willfully sinning and follow him. If we prevent them to hear the word of God or when we have a passionate discussion with them the first time they enter church, they will be lost forever.

    I found out I was allergic to pork and most of the fabrics in mixed fibres around the same time I started realizing the law is there to protect us. As long as we read the Bible and have communion with other believers, we can learn and change the way God wants us to.

    Shalom. תודה רבה שלום

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