34 thoughts on “Sounds of Sinai: Blessings Come From On High (Album Monotheism)

  1. oooh yes, yes yes yes!!!! I’m on cloud 9, on a spiritual high, so beautiful and peaceful, these melodies help me flush out the worldly so called gospel songs, I’m in love with these songs!!!

  2. I praise Yahuwah for you all! I can’t listen to anymore songs that His name isn’t mentioned. He directed me to you all. Now my house can be cleansed and my Shabbats a delight.

    • Shalom ahkotee I was scrolling through your subscriptions. I am a Hebrew from St. Louis and I would suggest subscribing to Mr. Hebrew 1 on YouTube and honorandhumility stl. always the truth and delivered crystal clearly. also sister I can tell your into music so check out the 4th tribe static addicts. may much shalom be in your household and keep Yashua first

  3. A Hebrew awakened in the later day gaining POWER and (hazaq), meaning to be strong; loves this Hebrew angel music! I know yall are Israelite! in deed!

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