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24 thoughts on “Sounds of Sinai: New Gift (Album Monotheism)

  1. Praise YAHUAH. oh my YAH i LOVE this song! servants of YAH rejoice in the majesty of our king! Baruch ata YAHUAH melek ha olam הללויה

  2. Good Sabbath morning!!!! Beloved’s!!! !! “Hear, O Yashra’Al: YAHUAH יהוה our Aluhym, יהוה is one! “And you shall love יהוה your Aluhym with all your heart, and with all your being, and with all your might.” (Deuteronomy 6:4-5) * * Barak atah ab Yahuah (bless you father Yahuah). Tudah (Thank you) for your breath in me, the breath of life, for another day, another chance to return to you, to walk upright, to serve you, to do your will, to fulfill your purpose in me…. for another chance at salvation…I don’t take it lightly father, nor do I take it for granted, for it is a gift you didn’t have to give me, and who am I that you are mindful of me…I am so unworthy father, but you are who you are… Tudah rabah ab Yahuah! I stand humble before you… If your servant has found any favor in your eyes, please turn your ear towards me… Search and remove all things in me that are unlike you, that may hinder my drawing closing to you father… Allow me to stand before you in your presence and praise you… Halal (praise) Yahuah, for you ALONE are worthy, for all that you are, all who you have been, all who you will be, there is none like you abba. I praise you, honor you, fear you, esteem your set apart name, barak HaSham Yahuah BaHaSham Yahusha (bless the name Yahuah in the name of Yahusha). Guide the way today, if you lead, I will follow… align my steps, my heart, my spirit, my mind, my thoughts, my words, and everything that I do today with YOUR will and YOUR word… ALL to YOUR esteem. Let NOT my will be done but YOUR will be done father. Continue to be my strength. Have a beautiful Shabbat day Myshpacha (family)! ♥♥♥

  3. I freaking love this song. It makes me sad…but it makes me so joyful at the same time. You have some real skills with the vocal and arrangement. I so much appreciate you. Thank you for this. The MOST HIGH is smiling. Shalom!

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