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Sounds of Sinai: Thou Art Yah (Album Monotheism)
This is a montage video in which NCCI (Sounds of Sinai) does not own the rights.


Monotheism by Sounds of Sinai – Get Your Copy Today!!

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(some visual exerts from – "Planet Earth E3: Fresh Water", BBC )


25 thoughts on “Sounds of Sinai: Thou Art Yah (Album Monotheism)

  1. This is such a beautiful song to worship and Praise The Father and Creator of all things. I love playing it, especially in the Sabbath Day. Simply Pure and Powerful Praise to Our Father and Our God. From Everlasting to Everlasting…Thou Art YAH!!!

    • +Jacquelyn Jenkins and were do you get your information from? And my name is Emmanuel born in the united states my skin is dark so you cant tell me anything about me being a hebrew because my name is directly hebrew my full name means God With Us One Of God Boldly that is literally what my first land and middle name means and i was born in the united states i don’t claim Christianity catholic or any other religion on this continent i know as a fact i am a hebrew

  2. Great music! Use it during my time of devotions and prayer or just sit and listen and allow it to refresh my spirit. Wow! Just don`t know what else I can say.

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