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22 thoughts on “Speak Humbly to Christians

  1. Paul, if sun worshiping christians trample the world of Elohim, they are not exactly what we can call good people now can we, He offers life and good and death and evil, choose Life so you can live. Yehovah states clearly in the Torah that His Word is Our Life and by following and being obedient to Him is counted as righteousness, hence Yeshua was an obedient son, whom came to do wth will of His Father In Heaven, not His own will.

    • did you hear the video? Most Christians are keeping 80% of the Torah. we just need to help them see what they are missing. And hopefully others will show us what we are missing.

    • +Noah Miller Christians are torah observers up to 80% of the commandments. They are just deceived about the ones they are not keeping.

    • +Torah Life Ministries : Many Non-Christians are ALSO torah observers up to 80% of the commandments. Many atheists keep nine of the “Ten Commandments”, while Christians boldly proclaim that ALL of YHVH’s Torah has been done away with and has been “nailed to the cross”. Christians follow a Messiah who smiles upon their chosen lawless lifestyle, and a God of their own making whom they do not fear. Christians do not heed the words of their Savior nor the words of their God. Instead, “They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.” (Tit 1:16) Keeping a percentage of Torah unknowingly or by accident is the default position of mankind worldwide, but does that make one a servant of the Master or of His Father?

  2. Why do we got to keep Torah first of all are we not under grace cuz Jesus died in the cross for our sins also why do we got to keep Passover is not Jesus our Passover also why don’t we not sacrifice animals no more are we supposed to have or build a temple for us to sacrifice a sheep or an animal and a man will not go to heaven if he eats meat? does not the Bible say you shall not judge what a man eats or drinks. is okay to judge righteously but not unrighteously

    • The Torah is the guidelines of Yahweh. No matter what we should always seek to follow his will for our life. Your question of why do we have to keep torah is like asking why do we need to read our bible. And the Bible does say to judge to help people.

  3. thank you so much for sharing this because I had Christians come against me about keeping the 10 commandments saying its impossible to keep the 10 commandments

  4. We are to share the truth so they will understand WHY . Its real simple the first exodus and passover the blood of the Lamb saved people from death and Yahweh took His people out and TAUGHT THEM HIS LAW . The same principles still applied with Christ as our passover lamb and HIM clarifying the LAW . When all is taken away many will chose to see .

  5. Christianity is an invented religion. They have been deceived and their “lord” IS the anti-Christ. Biggest heist ever. It’s best to stop considering them as misled “brethren” and I think we’ll be in trouble to keep that stance.
    Luke 8:21 And he (Yahshua) answered and said unto them, my mother and my brethren are these which hear the word of YHWH, and do it. 
    Luke 11:25 But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of YHWH, and keep it.

    • Yes, the so-called “great falling away” and deception started a LONG time ago, even BEFORE Yeshua’s time — look how the rabbis brought moon worship out of Babylon (even the Karaites), and then with the RCC conspired together to put Yeshua to death, and then they fought each other… and today, we have the Constantine pagan system put into a pope Gregory calendar that laws/times were changed as stated in Daniel… Christians are in denial that they are deceived, even when presented with the Truth, and I say this without malice because I once was one of them… I praise YAH every day, He rescued me… Praise our El Elyon. Be blessed and shalom, Jenna.

  6. I wouldn’t give Sunday Christians too much credit, their hearts are not circumcised because they only obey the laws they do because their pastor highlights those ones.

  7. I’ve been studying for 3 years now and I am STILL learning new things. It’s a beautiful process of “here a little and there a little”. Yahweh gives you what He knows is best for you and that includes knowledge of His word. His time is perfect!! Be blessed!

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