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7 thoughts on “Specific Indicators of Detoxing

  1. I’m concerned…I don’t know if something is right or something is wrong…I changed over night..no effort on my part..the Bible came together I lost my appetite..I lost my programming ….I lost anger ,fear..all flesh desire..I gained love joy peace patience kindness and a overwhelming joy unimaginable…..I thought it was a religious experience.. it’s 45 days i feel great..and at the same time prior to this I broke my back and foot..so I got pain..I got head aches..I’m like healthy but I’m suffering..I don’t think I’m eating enough…I’m having to make myself eat..then I read about people who quit meat..and I find a lot of the things I’m experienced others who quit eating meat experience similar..but it doesn’t explain the understanding and wisdom..I was bipolar reck..giving to physiatrist for 20 years..I’m disabled …I was so bad..can you help me..I got a great dr..but she doesn’t understand…I feel guilty even going to a dr…

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