On my recent health show someone ask me my opinion about the spiritual use of cannabis (marijuana) Here is my reply in this video.

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23 thoughts on “Spiritual Use of Cannabis (Marijuana)

  1. This is a true teaching. If you willfully try to rid yourself of the sober mind that God gave you, you are in rebellion to Him, which also grants demons the authority to influence you. We do not understand the spiritual world! Jesus told us that we don’t even understand what He says about this world, so why would He try to explain the spiritual world. My point being, intoxication effects us on a spiritual level that WE DON’T UNDERSTAND, so to involve ourselves in that activity is essentially the same as partaking in a ritual, summoning, or some other occult spiritual activity. If you don’t agree, then do what you want, but don’t quote scripture to try to say we can use herbs anyway we want and that God says it’s okay. There are poisonous herbs, which will kill us if we ingest them, it is not God’s will that we do that. We are to rightly divide his word, not use it to forward personal viewpoints. We are to keep a sober mind, that you can find all throughout His Word!

  2. Get high on cannabis. Might as well use cocaine. Holy Spirit doesn’t get you high. That’s a lie. High priest was in the temple burning cannabis dude!

  3. Cannabis really woke me up from this evil sleep in this reality.. but I agree completely Sober is the only way to God. Abusing anything without balance is not right! Good vid!😇

  4. There is no Spiritual use of cannabis, I’ll agree with that. But there is medicinal uses. It is probably a safer medicine than some chemically made drugs. I don’t use any part of cannabis, but as from being in the medical field for many years, it does have it’s uses. But it’s not for spiritual or worship use any more than covering yourself in cow dung is.
    If anyone thinks it is , then they had better reevaluate their relationship with the Messiah and ask themselves whom they are serving.

  5. I used to smoke marihuana almost on a daily basis. Ditched it years ago when I realized it makes you slower and dumber day by day… It can be used for many illnesses in form of oil due to its healing properties, but aside from that, its a drug and people are waisting their life using it…

  6. I appreciate your deep understanding of Torah!
    However, I would like to ask you this; If you’re a veteran, taking 12 to 15 pills a day for various reasons, and you’re presented with cannabis as an alternative to the kidney killing 12 to 15 pills…; Is it still evil?
    It Seems to me that much of any negative argument is out weighed by the positive impact!
    By the same logic, coffee would have to be just as evil. It stimulates you for energy, has bad side effects like high blood pressure, rapid heart beating,appetite inhibition and is addictive!

    And yet another point worth making note of is, the addictive part of cannabis or even the coffee……addiction is by definition a lack of self control which is not a fruit of the spirit.
    One more comment if I may…. If your sole purpose in using it is for spiritual purposes; I don’t think that YHWH told us to worship Him in that manner, and I do believe that ” the nation’s” worship thier gods in that manner!

    So however ambivalent I sound, I think this subject deserves a little more research and attention as it pertains to Torah observance!
    If you’re up to the task I would definitely be paying attention!!!!

  7. Please remember that this video is only Brother Paul’s opinion. He’s a dedicated follower of YAH! I respect his opinion, but I disagree with him on the statement of the plant being harmful. However, no plant, drug, or alcohol should be used to gain a closer relationship to YHWH ELOHIM. Shalom Shalom!

  8. Juicing Raw Cannabis Leaves and drinking it is good for you and will absolutely not ever get you high unless you add citric and fat to it like John Kohler did.

    Drinking Raw Slow Pressed Cannabis Leafy Green Juice is absolutely 100% verifiably good for you. Fact..

  9. Thank you brother Paul. I agree. I know the spirit showed me the same as you speak. Another brother thinks different its sad.

  10. Paul you are sadly mistaken sir, wrong 100%
    Your opinion is severly flawed here
    As well as on the sabbath
    Tmh followed the lunar cycles not every saturday!!! Cmon brother gotta grow and learn the truth!!

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