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Stay Focused on Your Health Goals

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6 thoughts on “Stay Focused on Your Health Goals

  1. Great point on the organic vs nonorganic!
    I’m striving to get more fresh veggies and fruits in…. Its hard when the quality available is so poor in the rural area of A. Illinois… the distance to town and number of trips it takes to keep fresh in the house…can’t wait for spring. I’ve considered dehydration as a means to get around this.

    ps: where’d you get that shirt? I like it.

  2. If you say you dont have time to cook, then think about Adam and Eve. They didn’t have one appliance. All they did was pick and eat. It does take time to cook, but if you dont want to cook, just buy all the foods that were created to just eat and run. It’s so nice and full of freedom to not have to be constantly in the kitchen. Our creator made eating so easy.

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