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A viewer asked me about storing food in case of a disaster. Here is her exact question and my reply.

Do you stock up on any foods in case of disaster? I would like to do this. Do you have any suggestions?


11 thoughts on “Stocking up on food in case of a disaster.

  1. I am going to share video as well. Love your channels and all of your wisdom and insight! You have helped me in so many ways. Thank you Paul!

  2. Grains, beans seeds, legumes etc are best and then dried fruit, obviously fruit isn’t ideal to store for long term. If you store nuts keep them cold or frozen bulkfoods doctom is a good source. This is what i’ve found best for winter climates. Foraging and eat tree bark tea etc is the other options. Gardening is always a good idea!

  3. I always thought that this SHTF prepping stuff was may be utter stupidity. I have tried the food storage and the extra food attracted rats. Now I keep very little food in my house. I have no longer have ANY rat problems.

  4. Paul, I agree with you. Come an emergency it is good to have a little of something put away like some water and a very small amount of shelf stable foods. But if you have a garden then you are likely setup to handle any real disaster that wouldn’t displace you anyway. It is very hard to stay raw on shelf stable foods. -Mark

  5. Stocking ups a good idea , I like to have about 6 months for the family . Im always rotating out,,, eating ,,, the old and replacing with the new that way the older stuff never gets that old . Its all stuff we use all the time this way your always prepared.

  6. Well that’s a matter of storage, you need to keep your stuff in containers that are rat-proof. But yeah, the “prepper” people on tv never seem to address that issue, plus even if you have containers rats can’t get into, if you still have mice or rats around, they can contaminate food just by walking on top of the containers. Because they constantly urinate & poop while they walk & drag germs everywhere they go. So if you use your hand to open the lid of a jar, or a can lid falls into the can as

  7. you remove it, the germs can get into the food right then without you even realizing it. There’s nothing wrong with having like 2-3 weeks of food on-hand in case of an emergency, but that long-term food stock is ridiculous. It takes more than food to survive a catastrophe of that magnitude, & sitting in a hole with 5 year’s worth of food isn’t the answer. The most important survival tool is your brain, & the ability to stay cool & adapt to circumstances.

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