You cannot go around in life worrying about what other people think about you! That is giving people who do not matter to much control! Ignore them, refuse to respond to them, get them out of your life! Remove all unhealthy people from your life that does not add anything to your life!

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20 thoughts on “Stop caring about what other people say or think

  1. The intent was not caring about negative opinions. Ultimately, the only opinions that should matter to you is the Almighty Creator’s and your own. However, if you are in the wrong, and the person is trying to help you seek correction, then consider and test the information.

  2. Pastor Dowell has a Blogtalk live on Friday and Sunday evenings at 7:00 pm CST and the phone number is 310-982-4226 if you want to talk live with him. I recommend calling about 10 minutes beforehand and getting in early on the queue, because it has been ending before the 3rd hour.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly. In everyones life there are people who need to be cut out. There is a strong instinct in some to win over those who are abusive or overly critical. Thanks for this reminder P.D. as I’m trying not to go back to an old job where things can be unfair and abusive. Guys have a tendency to “suck it up” past what is good for them.

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