Kombucha has no health benefits

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18 thoughts on “Stop Drinking Kombucha

  1. first time I tried kombucha it what like my mouth didn’t know what to think – the second time I tried kombucha my mouth decided it didn’t like it ——– I agree with my mouth lol and have not drank it again

  2. I have made my own kombucha from my own scobies for years and they look and smell and taste and fizz just like the GT brand. Its based on the second fermentation, what is added, and how long it’s left to ferment.

  3. I’ve been making fermented Ginger drinks, and kombucha for about 2-3 years now, and I love it. I makes me feel good so I drink it, simple as that.

  4. Same with some of those 100% raw pom drinks, blueberry and black cherry have corn syrup and sugars… Squeeze your own, people!

  5. I don’t need it for anything.If it comes from the store or is hand made by an old lady in Thailand or anywhere.Makes no sense to use that

  6. So true it’s so sad how people fall for everything without thinking over the reality. Regarding EVERYTHING it seems.

  7. Yes! I always suspected this!! I know a woman who is using it to naturally recover from mild alcoholism! I have had them that taste like alcohol (which I don’t like). And they do come with all sorts of warnings (one even said something about if you are staying away from alcohol for religious reasons, don’t drink). All that catchy marketing works on me! But no more! I am saving my money!!! Thank you and God bless you!

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