28 thoughts on “Stop working at night time if you care about your health

  1. welp, guess I’m unhealthy. I watch tv while laying down, eat while laying down, sleep during the day and work during the night. I don’t believe this, because I feel the healthiest now than I ever have.

    • TheDaughterOfAlec. to each a zone.. some who work night should consider some concerns and should not be suprised if they come across it with experience.. Working overnight for me is different because I work with family ..

  2. I too im working on a skeleton crew 12-8 for the past 2yrs. . I lost all motivation and gain so much weight. I just put in my 2week notice today.GOOD BYE OVERNIGHTS! ! GREAT VIDEO

  3. No one I know literally dies from working overnight aka graveyard aka 3rd shift. But people that have done it for years did become suicidal from missing out on social, family, and athletic events.

  4. Our body clock was design to work on the morning time and rest in evening. Those night shift is a “man made” if bother you something or your health for work in a night shift you need to make a different or whatever good for your body.

    You get only 1 life… You can get another job!

    • Skylar Codex sounds ridiculous….because if you were to move to a different country you would have to adjust to the time change/ difference….your body and brain can adjust if you do things the proper way

    • Nick Brown That’s why you have days that you DON’T work graveyard. I, for one, work in a hospital setting where the nurses are scheduled for several days of work, followed by several days off. We can have as much “sun exposure” as we would like on our consecutive days off. There are professions that REQUIRE you to work graveyard, and some of those professions are responsible for saving lives. EMTs, Law Enforcement Officers, Emergency Room doctors & nurses, and Public Safety Dispatchers…
      It’s all about balance and being practical.

  5. I worked graveyard for 20 years. Believe me it has done long term health damage to my body. high blood pressure weight problems both weight gain and ultimately weight loss. one issue that people do not take into account the irreparable damage it also does to your social life. it damages relationships with freinds spouses and family. these are years I cannot get back. time I lost with family members I lost due to death. being fatigued cause your emotional senses to deal with emotional in a way that numbs your emotions. your mind does not function in a way that allows you to process these emotions. your body needs to process these emotions in a healthy way as a healthy person deals with them with either sadness or joy. it took me 3 months to get back on a regular sleep regimen.

  6. Okay, so what do you say to police officers and hospital staff who work nights, just quite your job? Then we would have no police or hospital staff to look after people at night.

  7. Thank you Mr. a lot this tips you give for us are a bless thank you , I will for sure stop working night shifts I’m a manager at a fast food restaurant (Wendys) but its not worth it , they will probably put me down as a employee again but I dont really care about the position just about money and my health I’m just being honest honest thank you sir god bless you.

  8. I work from 12-830am as a stock clerk at a grocery store and sleep on average 930- 530pm, I still workout, and am an engineering student. My schedule works perfect for me and I haven’t seen any dips in my health. And it’s the best feeling leaving work and seeing everyone going to work!

  9. working at night allows my husband and i to share in childcare and financial responsibilities evenly and without stress.we have one car. we do not use daycare. i feel great at 36.we do not abuse caffeine or smoke and we sleep five to eight hours each night.i even started twelve hour shifts over night and this allows me to squeeze a full time week into three days!! this allows for more free time with my kids. work third shift. dont buy an extra car or leave your kids with strangers

  10. 10 – 11 hours shifts until 8 or 9 am, intense physical job constantly moving, no time to to even eat or drink and do this for 4 to 6 days/nights per week, plus looking after kids, snacking on quick food, and having about 4 hours sleep a day, relying on redbull and coffee. the thing is, the company now has work set-up to cover every hour of the night, so we cant stop.
    been working nights for nearly 13 years now

  11. I’m been working at night at hospital for 6 yrs l have no choice So what advice do you have for people who have no choice but to work the night shift.

  12. So EMTs, Law Enforcement Officers, Emergency Room doctors & nurses, and Public Safety Dispatchers should all quit their jobs and only work during the day? Come on now.

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