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Here we are street preaching at the Taylor Swift concert in
Kansas City.

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23 thoughts on “Street Preaching at Taylor Swift Concert

  1. It takes great courage to do what you are doing, Paul. I am giving thanks to Yah for you and others who can stand up against the world with the TRUTH. I will pray for people to listen…. Yah bless!

  2. im so glad i gave my life to the lord.. bless u paul..keep up the good wrk..its sad to c how hard hearted ppl day soon they gonna wish they listened..but sadly it will b tooooo late..

  3. Paul, every time I get a video in my gmail of your street preaching it just blesses me.
    We need more men like you out there doing this.
    May Yah bless you.

    • GabeTheStreetPreacher thank you Brother Gabe Sister wife Raquel you are truly a sweet sound to God preaching the word! Bless you and yours as you blessed my fam by listening to brave street preachers. Hallelujah Ahmien!

  4. Hey tell me if I failed to notice, but was no one you were with wearing fringes? If they are wearing them I apologize, but it bothers me how many hebrews relax this commandment

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