Street Preaching The Day before Hurricane Irma

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6 thoughts on “Street Preaching The Day before Hurricane Irma

  1. Baruch HaShem! Elohim will reward your efforts! Remember brothers to those who reject the message, dust off your feet and take the message to those who will listen! The Messiah said it for a reason, we have no time to waste!

  2. Amen Bless y’all for you are lifting Yahshua up an calling for Repentance.That’s what they need that is we all need….Love your Ministry I watch friday night But just never got in Chat room

  3. Brother Paula and Brother Baruch as I watch your video I can’t help but think of Jeremiah trying to warn Israel of impending disaster, unfortunately they didn’t listen either.

  4. Yes,thank you Brother Paul & Brother Baruch, thank you and God bless you for all you are doing for spreading the news of our wonderful Creator & our precious Saviour Yeshua! Hallelu Yah!!!

  5. Street Preaching for Yeshua….One of the last and merciful examples of the Father extending His hand to the lost before it’s to late. God bless you Paul and Baruch. May Yah give us all the boldness and strength in Yeshua’s name to speak His words to a lost world.

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