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Here is my lecture about Street Preaching and why it is so dear to my heart.

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16 thoughts on “Street Preaching, Why Everyone Should Do It!

  1. brother I absolutely love this YouTube channel I happened to stumble across it one day and I haven’t stopped working since thank you so much for all the time you spend teaching us and this video has helped me because I’ve been thinking about witnessing but I don’t know how to quite start and this did help me I want to win 1000 souls for Yeshua before I die

    • I think that is becasue Paul wants you to know the truth over and above, him wanting you to feel like he is someone who should be revered as above any other man. TV preachers need you to feel like they know more than you, so you can feel like you need to pay them off. Paul doesnt seem to ask for much from his listeners, other than an attentive ear and a teachable spirit.). (donations from those who can afford)

  2. I am inspired to speak here I work, how I know it’s , yah doing the speaking sometimes because I don’ t plan it, it jus comes, I have been reading scriptures for twelve years now and also study , I fast all most every work day in the morning for five working days, and it jus comes out , and I myself am shocked of the things I remember and say sometimes, but then I remember the word says that the spirit causes us to remember what we read and study. shalom.

  3. LOL at walkin’ around lookin’ like Moses and not really needing to say much from there.
    (but don’t forget that the reason we do what we do ALSO includes correcting the errors that so many have been sold into, while charlatans are making money.)

  4. This is a reason why I have a Facebook page so I can share verses every morning, because I pray that someone hears about the word. I would be out in public but due to these electronic devices such as cellphones, tablets and computers, no one would pay attention, so I thought to myself that if I have social media and the scriptures say to go out into the world and preach the gospel, then I should get right under their nose and preach the word by sharing bible verses through Facebook or Twitter; And thus doing so, it has become part of my morning routine which is pray, share a verse and read the scriptures.

  5. You speak truth! My husband and circumcised our bible April 2016 and have been blessed. No more Christmas Easter or worldly holidays; only what our heavenly Father says He is the same today yesterday and forever. The wheat is being separated from the chafe.Shalom!!!

  6. First of ALL … I want to know, what do you EXACTLY mean by Preaching ? What is your clear definition of Preaching ? I think that every single living soul on Earth should know the answer, by all means. Please let us know right now.

  7. can l use this method as a female? l aim to reach out to females especially on issues to do with modesty and marriage…. I’m aware what the bible says about preaching if you’re a woman so far l was just thinking maybe printing out content and distributing it as fliers but it would be nice to do more…..suggestions?

    • Proverbs 31 woman 1 Corinthians 11 says we are to cover our heads while praying or prophecying. What is prophecying?
      It also says we shouldn’t be teaching men. However, street preaching is not the same as teaching men in a synagogue.
      Men need other men for instruction, that’s their nature. We women tend to go off in the weeds that only other women can follow. It’s how our brains work, we relate topic a to topic b and we get it. If you can/are focusing on women only, that would be enough because it is is who steer society as we see in our current events. A woman makes a husband her head, he doesn’t just show up and take over. We lead from the back. We are the pivot point for the home.
      When we dominate the order goes from
      kids to

  8. If you ever come to DC or VA let me know! It’s through street preaching I got saved because of the word convicting me. Faith comes by hearing the word of the Lord!

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