A view has a question about his struggles with eating an anti-cancer diet. I give me reply in this video.

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13 thoughts on “Struggle With Anti-Cancer Diet

  1. are you able to give info on spinal stenosis – & if raw diet would help this condition.
    my brother has been diagnosed with this & i want to be able to help him if i can. thanks for your time.

  2. That skin cancer video really encouraged me. I will be checking out your advice. I am down to juicing and smoothies. I refuse to believe we can’t kill a fungus, Candida Albicans…I got a diagnosis when I was 30 and let them cut on my cervix. I can see in hindsight it led to catastrophe!!! DON’T LET THEM CUT ON THE ANY CANCER. IT MAY SPREAD IT FURTHER BY ADDING IT TO THE BLOODSTREAM!!!

  3. Bravo on a great talk!!   I was so ill in my youth and early 20’s. . I HAD to change my diet . . or I wouldn’t be here today.  It’s 35 to 40 years later from the time I became vegan . .. and ultimately raw / living foodist.  Now I’m never ill a day – – not even a second! You’re absolutely right.  I did this alone – – no one was doing this then. . and I was not happy about it. . but now I’m thrilled every day.  This is the best lifestyle ever.  I never look back.  Embrace it  – – its so worth it.

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