Struggles of a healthy diet

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15 thoughts on “Struggles of a healthy diet

  1. I love the raw lifestyle‼️❤️ Create an environment that suits your raw lifestyle in the kitchen with an abundance of fruits‼️ If they’re about to spoil, freeze them & make nicecream or add it to your smoothie‼️👍

  2. amein! so easy to “relapse” on that darn stinking thinking! it all starts with a thought, that’s why it’s so important to watch what thoughts are entertained! just one WILL hurt

  3. Hi Paul, I really blew it today. Please pray for me. I wish I had a Raw Vegan Christian friend, where I am moving to. Thanks and Shalom. It’s been so hard for me at times. 😔

  4. thanks for this paul…i am glad to hear that even you struggle with some of the same things that I do…hearing how youve overcome your struggles can help me overcome my struggles.

    do you intermittent fast?

  5. Lol I’ve been craving raw vegan egg nog for about a week now, and just haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe I’ll treat myself tonight :). I do feel so much better when I eat mostly raw – especially around the holidays (when I was keeping them lol). Anyway, banana ice cream has been our go-to for about 1 year now. When I craved sugar, dates were my go-to. Shalom!

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