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Charles Thurston is a board-certified emergency physician, and has served in hospitals in Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia, Georgia and California for over thirty years. His practice of medicine and knowledge of the Bible have lead him into a study on the Body Codes. You were wonderfully and fearfully made. And, the manifestations of the Word of God can be found in our health!

The Bible is full of parables of disease from the plague to epilepsy. Their connection to the Scriptures is enlightening and refreshing. In this episode, you will hear Dr. Charles Thurston and Dr. Scott Laird discuss tuberculosis, schizophrenia, demon possession, and sin. Do you have unconfessed sin? This can affect your health! Learn more in this incredible episode of Shabbat Night Live!

Click here: Learn about Daylight Diet; Divine Eating for Superior Health and Digestion

Join Scott Laird and Dr. Charles Thurston, a boarded ER Doctor with over 40 years of medical experience with degree in Science and Evolution. Dr. Thurston believes there is evidence in our Bible for all things that exist in our universe.

In this episode, you will see many examples of how the Bible backs science and how science backs the Bible. Cosmology gives evidence for God’s existence and the creation of entire universe can be found in Genesis 1. Psalm 139 describes the science of DNA. Revelation 4:1, 4-5, represents your heart and explains the structure of the heart itself.

Even the stars shout validity the Scriptures in their design. Watch this episode for a curious series on the Bible as the Authority on Science.

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