Learn how YeHoVaH orchestrates everything!
Yehudah and Hadass Glick are doing some very special things in Israel that are straight from our Father’s heart! In this episode, Keith Johnson and Yehudah Glick share their miraculous meet-ups around the globe and how YeHoVaH is using them to awaken the world to the ways of YeHoVaH.

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Exodus: Gods & Kings – Is it True? Hollywood has recently re-invented the story of Moses and the Exodus — the story of “gods and kings.” But should you believe everything you see on the big screen? Discover what really happened in The Gods and Kings Collection — 3 DVDs with more than 4 hours of fascinating truth and ARCHAEOLOGICAL PROOF that the Israelites crossed the Red Sea and camped in the Saudi Arabian desert, just like the Bible says they did:

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The Red Sea Crossing: What if God really did part the Red Sea? And what if we could prove it — with video evidence of Pharoah’s chariot army on the bottom of the Red Sea? Get ready for the spine-tingling reality of The Red Sea Crossing as Michael Rood and an international team of scientists document one of the most exciting archaeological finds in history!

The Real Mount Sinai: Mount Sinai is not in Egypt’s so-called Sinai Peninsula, no matter what the tour guide says… and we have proof! The discovery of the real Mount Sinai is far more exciting, and Michael Rood takes you there in The Real Mount Sinai. This awe-inspiring DVD proves, with breathtaking video footage, that the real Mount Sinai is in Saudi Arabia… and that Israel is the rightful owner of the land!

Exodus Revealed: The Exodus reveals physical evidence for the Exodus, including: the remains of 3800 year old Hebrew settlements in Egypt's Nile Delta; Egyptian records of the Israelites' bondage under Pharaoh; the precise route they may have followed to freedom; their crossing site on shore of the Red Sea; and the location of Mt. Sinai.
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We will be blessed if we bless Israel — and cursed if we don't. So which side are we on? You may be surprised! Michael Rood offers a stark warning in "The Real Michael Rood", Friday at 8pm Eastern on Shabbat Night Live!

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Did you know Christmas was illegal in America? And with good reason!

Friday, February 24 at 8PM Eastern on Shabbat Night Live, Michael Rood and David Robinson start a NEW TEACHING SERIES, revealing "the dark side" of pagan churchianity and the Hebraic truth of the Messiah to bring about a “return of the gentiles” to the faith once delivered to the saints!

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What Jesus crucified on the Mount of Olives? Did he die on Easter Sunday? Is sin nailed to the cross with Jesus’ death? Find out in this episode with Michael Rood and David Robinson from Freedom Hill Community.

You are in for A Rood Awakening in this episode of Torah Wars!

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Michael Rood welcomes Bill Cloud of Shoreshim Ministries. God wants us to partake of His holiness. Sometimes He squeezes us, not harshly but firmly, in order that what is on the inside will come to the outside. Some of it is good and some of it is not so good. God doesn't do this to destroy or to demean, but He is doing it for our benefit.

In comparison to what the Creator is calling us to do in this day and time, it’s easy to give up shrimp cocktails, ham on Easter and wrapping Christmas presents. If we can control our appetite for physical things, we also need to learn to control our appetite for things far more deadly than a ham sandwich.

God works through people and he perfects those he has chosen. It’s time for us to become a people unlike the world has ever seen or will ever see again. Today, God chooses you and I to come into the kingdom for such a time as this.

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This week you'll see a NEW series on Shabbat Night Live featuring Nehemia Gordon and Michael Rood! Plus, this Saturday night starts Yom Kippur… Scott Laird and Anny Reed explain what it's all about and how you can take part at home!




What is a woman's role in the ministry? Michael Rood answers the question, "What is a woman's role in the ministry?" on the May 30, 2014 episode of Shabbat Night Live®.

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In this new series, "The Gentiles Shall Know My Name", Michael Rood welcomes Shabbat Night Live favorite Nehemia Gordon. Nehemia is a translator on the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as a researcher deciphering ancient Hebrew manuscripts. (Episode 1 of 5)

In translating scripture, the word "scribe" means "to count". When scribes would finish copying a section of text, they would count every dot, dash, jot and tittle and compare it to the original. If they were one character off in their copied text count, they would recount the text. The precision they executed is mind boggling.

A translation is also an interpretation. But in the original text every letter, dot and dash has to be preserved perfectly. Yeshua said that not one jot and tittle from the Torah will pass away until all is fulfilled. Jesus himself said he had not come to do away with one jot or tittle of the Torah.

The English translation doesn't contain all these little markings, therefore a great deal of meaning is lost to most Americans. Jesus himself said he had not come to do away with one jot or tittle of the law. Are we missing something? Tune in and find out the truth of what is written…not what is said.


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Yom Kippur starts sundown Saturday September 30, 2017 — but what does it mean? Where does it come from? And what is the prophetic significance of it? Anny Reed and Scott Laird explain what to do and how to do it!

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