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This Weeks Torah Parashah is from Genesis 28:10-32:3(2)

This week's reading we see Jacob running for his life! He leaves his home land and searches for a wife. After having a dream about a ladder, he meets his future wife but ends up getting married to a pair of sisters.

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— Packing up and moving away from familiar surroundings can be very hard, but today, Cedric will have to learn to get over his hurt feelings and move in faith.

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An animated walk through of Genesis 12 – 50
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God makes a promise to a man named Abram that all nations of the earth will be blessed through his family. The second half of the book of Genesis follows this man's family for four generations.

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The patriarch Jacob comes up with a clever plan that allows him to prosper despite his father-in-law, Laban, taking advantage of him.

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