The study of Psalms 46, Part 2 is titled "Under what Condition is God our Refuge and Strength?" In this study among other things, we discuss the present day reality of the kingdom of Grace and the two thrones that are mentioned in the New Testament, His throne of grace and his throne of glory while discussing Midrash Tehillim 46.

The Psalms study is titled "The One who pleads on our behalf." Psalms 43 is a short psalm only 5 verses, we discuss fasting and how David trusts in the Lord from a Torah perspective rooted in the covenant even in the midst of troubles.

The Study on Psalms 45, Part 1 is titled "What is the Horse of the Kingdom and how does that relate to the Torah?" This title comes out of the Aramaic Targum and the rabbis have an interesting perspective that has historically caused this Psalm to be interpreted as Messianic. This may be why the author of the book of Hebrews used verses from this Psalm to describe Yeshua the Messiah in Hebrews chapter 1.

This week's reading is titled "The Rabbis Agree." This week’s reading from Midrash Rabbah provides us with a great example on the rabbinic methodology of Biblical interpretation showing us how the Apostolic Writings (NT) are consistent with the manner of interpretation taught by the sages of Israel. Many times when anti-missionaries come they bring with them the idea that the New Testament’s description of the Messiah is not consistent with the Tanach’s descriptions of the Messiah, and that the rabbinic interpretation is significantly different when in reality that is not always necessarily the case. This week’s reading from both the Torah and from Midrash Rabbah show one such case where the rabbis do in fact agree with the Apostolic account of the Messiah. The rabbis discuss these very important events in Israel’s history from Parashat Bo, and provide for us a very intelligent answer for the anti-missionary who claims that Yeshua is not the Messiah of God. Read more here:

Tehillim / Psalms 41, Part 1 is titled "David's Struggle with His Enemies and Our Salvation in the Lord." In this study we discuss what it means to listen and obey, is it ok to pray for the death of our enemies, and the meaning of the horn of salvation.

This week's study on Tehillim / Psalms 46 is titled "Under what Condition is God our Refuge and Strength?" Understanding David's words requires us to look at a historical and cultural background that is Torah centric. Key verses from the Torah help us to understand exactly what David is trying to say in his Psalm for the sons of Korach. Hope you enjoy the study.

This week's study is titled "Living as the Shields of God." We discuss the Aramaic Targum that states the Gentiles believe in the God of Abraham and that in His presence they are the shields of the earth suggesting that the rulers are called shields for God’s people. The Gentile believers choose to obey God, to gather to His presence and to choose to live with justice, righteousness, and truth towards all peoples. – See more at:

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