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Like every Friday, today I reply to comments and questions by my viewers. Today's topics, Teeth on a raw food diet, The Daylight Diet for kids, Cacao vs. Carob, agave and more.


18 thoughts on “Teeth issues on a raw diet, the Daylight diet for kids, agave, Cacao and more.

  1. Hey Paul,
    What about consuming cacao for mineralization?
    Besides your opinions can you please share the research proving that cacao(chocolate) is actually bad for you. I and I am sure, many of the viewer would love to see that information.

  2. I would like to know your opinion on food grade peroxide? For consumption. My father drinks it but I am skeptical till I learn more.
    Thanks Joseph

  3. i have a fructose intolerance and i dont eat any honey or agave or much fruits. exept pineapple for bromalaine when i eat protien and i like oranges in the morning. in general i think its good not to eat to much fruit and i think its best to eat mostly vegetables

  4. I’ve been very successful not eating after 5:00 p.m. four weeks now. I have benefits of losing weight, no acid reflux, etc.

    At first, I was waking up two or three in the morning… figured out that before, my stomach took all night to digest food and by the time it was empty, was time to wake up… so my body’s “thinks”, OK the stomach is empty, must be time to wake up.

    I’m now more rested and sleeping longer periods of time.

    Joy and Blessings to you and your family.

  5. Gawd u people R weird…who make this kind of comment. Sadly, you’re the conventional norm. Not shaving is natural. Taking a knife to your own throat is, well, insane!

  6. ramiel nagel – teeth remineralisation (Western Price Foundation). No professional will really help you, or they will be jobless…I have been a vegan for over a year, changed to traditional food, and my teeth improved. Not s uperb improvement, but I could really see and feel it. Good luck!

  7. I found rinsing my mouth out with water after eating acidy fruits worked. If you take daily vitamin with minerals your teeth should be fine. I’ve been a vegetarian 25 years off and on vegan, now vegan 2 years, raw 6 months anddddd no problems with my teeth! Variety and don’t forget the greens!

  8. Oh, don’t forget when ever you eat anything your enamel is softened for about 30 minutes after, so don’t brush your teeth right after eating, wait at least 30 minutes

  9. check out oil pulling too, it’s an awesome add-on to the high nourishment diets, if i do both and i eat dinner earlier (like daylight diet) i really have my teeth on top shape, with no bleedings.
    Tested this many times over and over again… it’s awesome.

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