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In this week’s study from Tehillim / Psalms 130:1-8, David recognizes that all men fall short of the glory of God, that none can stand and relies upon the mercy of God to forgive saying the following, ד כִּי-עִמְּךָ הַסְּלִיחָה לְמַעַן תִּוָּרֵא: 130:4 But there is forgiveness with You, That You may be feared. (NASB) Note how he states the forgiveness of God within the context of fearing the Lord. We are not to take God’s forgiveness for granted! We with great respect and fear approach the Lord with repentant hearts to seek counsel and make petition for forgiveness. He continues saying the following, ה קִוִּיתִי יְהֹוָה קִוְּתָה נַפְשִׁי וְלִדְבָרוֹ הוֹחָלְתִּי: ו נַפְשִׁי לַאדֹנָי מִשֹּׁמְרִים לַבֹּקֶר שֹׁמְרִים לַבֹּקֶר: 130:5 I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait, And in His word do I hope. 130:6 My soul waits for the Lord More than the watchmen for the morning; Indeed, more than the watchmen for the morning. (NASB) The Psalmist concludes saying, ז יַחֵל יִשְֹרָאֵל אֶל-יְהוָה כִּי-עִם-יְהֹוָה הַחֶסֶד וְהַרְבֵּה עִמּוֹ פְדוּת: ח וְהוּא יִפְדֶּה אֶת-יִשְֹרָאֵל מִכֹּל עֲוֹנֹתָיו: 130:7 O Israel, hope in the Lord; For with the Lord there is lovingkindness, And with Him is abundant redemption. 130:8 And He will redeem Israel From all his iniquities. (NASB) Redemption is found in the Lord, for mercy, forgiveness, and restoration are the ways of God’s love for His people.


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