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20 thoughts on “Telling the truth

  1. Does anyone know any Hebrew Israelite community’s or fellowships in th UK that have the same or similar theology as Straitway? One that accepts all tribes, ethnos, and toungues into Israel.
    I would like to discuss and learn more.
    Thak you

  2. Good Afternoon Pastor Sir,
    I just want to say thank you for all of your knowledge and truth that you speak everyday. My son, daughter in law and I listen to you on a daily and will be joining you on your new channel soon. I pray every day that you continue to spread the word and the truth and that the people have ears to hear and eyes to see. I have to tell you pastor that since we have been in the word and studying the bible KJV on a daily. Our family has been fighting us everyday, so many things have come to pass, such as the scriptures say your family will hate you for believing in the most high and keeping the commandments and law the way that it is supposed to be kept. My heart is saddened at times because I have 2 others sons that do not have ears to hear and eyes to see. One of them being in the Military (ARMY SARGENT / INFANTRY) he has been in for over 5 years now. I pray for him every day and would really appreciate if you could too. I thank you again and pray that the most high keep you always by his side forever now and after. Shalom….

  3. Thanks again, Pastor Dowell. I no longer celebrate ishtar….haven’t for a while. Still need to learn more about the festivals, and proper worship of Yah

  4. Thank you Pastor Dowell, for your honesty and integrity. Because of you I finally got tired of being a hypocrite and have stopped celebrating easter, and Christmas and finally celebrated Passover. I appreciate you and your thoughts on your videos. Also, my condolences on the passing of the sister you laid to rest.

  5. Easter aint shiiit and what sucks the most is that everyone that surrounds me goes with society thats why i need to start a group or join one but i dont how to do that…

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