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Another amazing testimonial of a Christian Pastor who found the Torah Life and realized all believers are to keep the commandments.


20 thoughts on “Testimonial of a Christian Pastor who keeps the law

  1. Encouraging video, we are all a work in progress. May Yah continue to open eyes, ears, hearts and our spirit to know the truth and be set free as a true testamony to Him.

  2. do they celebrate Christmas and Easter or ever say the real name of our risen savior? its organized religion they all fill the offering plate before anyone hears the sermon worship idols like Whitney Phipps and such, just be careful brother let no man deceive you, be led by the spirit only, Shalom

  3. i am 44 years old. i was in a coma for 3 days and i had a massive stroke about 1 year ago. it was GOD not doctors who took me out of a coma. i thank GOD for giving me another chance to receive salvation and repent from my sins. before i had a stroke, i would put worldly things first in my life. GOD by his mercy and grace, made corrections in my life. i would rather be cripple and enter into the kingdom of GOD than to have a 100 percent physically healthy body but i must live in hell forever

  4. I’m learning that, for the most part, Gods people do not know who they are. Many believe they are so called “Gentiles” but this is not true.

  5. They are the natives of north south and central america, descendants of transatlantic slaves, SOME remaining africans, and the impovershed people of asia

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