In the pursuit of good health the body needs balance. How do you know what you need? Biology before pharmacology! Test, don’t guess — stop guessing when you can know. Today, we can test for deficiencies in nutrition, hormones, vitamins, minerals, neurological health, and enzymes.

We find ourselves going to a vitamin store and buying things we don’t even know we need. This can do more damage than good. It’s going right back to big pharma. We need to stop doing this.

Testing is as easy as collecting saliva, doing a blood finger prick, or blood draw, or collecting urine. Once the results are in, you’re only taking chemicals that come back deficient. So it’s no longer cookie-cutter medicine.

Our Creator has made us biochemically unique. So, why would we take supplements if we don’t need them? Let’s start by taking the supplements we actually need.

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