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26 thoughts on “The Absolute Cure For Cancer… MUST SEE!

  1. Thank you so much Paul Nison..I was cure from Stage 3Colon the grace of Most High..I DID NOT USE CHEMOTHEROPY OR RADIATION… I CHOSE TO GO COMPLETLY NATURAL..AND AM CANCER FREE..

  2. I lost my dad because of cancer. Just brought my mother from the hospital because we just found out she has cancer and had surgery to remove a mass. Now I’m here trying to learn an alternative to chemo. I’m going to watch this livestream.

  3. – WHY the dominant medicine and all those thousands YouTube “methods” cannot cure cancer (any type) even theoretically, even worse – they will only further deteriorate the patient’s condition?
    – WHY the Methodology of
    Shevchenko WINS?
    Answer SECOND:
    Using the method of surgery, it is impossible to cure cancer even theoretically! Because this method kills cancer cells by necrosis! (Necrosis – this is cell death by external intervention)
    – Any method that kills cancer cells by necrosis, can not cure cancer, even theoretically, but only accelerates the death of the organism – because it activates the defense system of the organism = causes the organism to begin to restore those killed cells and to multiply them – and so
    the organism kills itself by cancer.
    This is what Fr. John Vasilevski has named The Genetical Biomechanism Of Suicide. So if you need more detailed information – you will find it in his research The Genetical Biomechanism Of Suicide >>> go to my web site (scroll to the end of the page) and download it for free.

    And so: Each and every time the Medical Doctor attempts to cure cancer by killing cancer cells (which, as I said, is necrosis) – he opens a war NOT against cancer (as he thinks), but
    – against the organism itself,
    – against its defense system,
    – against the nature.
    This war is LOST –
    before it begins!

    Only the method of Shevchenko does not kill cancer cells by necrosis! Cancer (each type of malignant cancer) is a holistic phenomenon – and The Therapy of Shevchenko cures it at a genetic level – it
    activates the signal apoptosis (which is a natural death programmed in the genes of the cell). Thus it removes cancer cells in a way that is genetically programmed in the organism itself, that is internal and natural for it – and so the defense system of the organism is not activated to restore the removed cancer cells – and the organism gets cured in its entirety.

    This is the common point, inherent to every type of cancer. (malignant cancer)

    NO Medical Doctor can oppose to this research of Fr. John Vasilevski! This is indisputable truth! Therefore – many Medical Doctors speak of apoptosis! – but they don’t know HOW to achieve it!
    Only the method of Shevchenko does it!

  4. Been keeping up with all their events. Ive been spreading the news on social media everytime they hold one and give the information to my patients that need it. Great News!

  5. Let God’s food be your medicine and Medicine be your food. Eat raw. Raw vegetables, fruits nuts and grains. Get raw salad each day. Than if you like get your cooked food. RAW ALL THE WAY FOR CANCER. DOCTORS ONLY POISON YOUR SYSTEM WITH CHEMO AND RADIATION.

  6. I went thru chemotherapy & radiation. I had stage 3 cancer with a tumor close to my brain stem. The tumor is gone. I lose 70 pounds. The chemotherapy destroyed some of my cells. How do I prevent the tumor from coming back? How can I rebuild my cells that the chemotherapy destroyed? Can someone help me? I need this information immediately. I have a whole family to take care of.

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