Is the New Testament true?

Is the New Testament the inspired Word of YeHoVaH, or is it a fraudulent document of cherry-picked verses to force the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies? Nehemia Gordon and Michael Rood reveal what was really going on in ancient Judea.

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25 thoughts on “The Acceptable Year of the Lord | Shabbat Night Live

  1. Acording to scipture your friend here Will be saved eventually…. this is a true statement SEEK THE LORD WHILE HE CAN BE FOUND IS PROOF OF REVELATION .

  2. Nehemia is from the parable – the Son who sad he will not do it, but he do it, he brings more people to YESHUA even if he does not accept him as Messiah, he actually do, but he doesn’t know that yet

    • He’s from The Crown of Thorns
      In which YeHoVaH’s Strength Is Seen/Revealed🙏🏼
      There is nothing missing nothing wasted In His Word(YeHoVaH’s) not one jot(yod) or tittle(Daleth)

  3. Shabbat Shalom dear brothers and sisters🙏
    Thankyou Nehemiah for your wonderful information🌷
    Michael you and your loved ones are in my prayers and I’m (and many are) thankful you are getting stronger everyday.
    Thank you Rood Crew for giving us many blessings with these wonderful teachings with Nehemiah🙏🌷 Can’t wait til you’re back Michael!!

  4. I’m surprised that Yeshuas words in John 5 and 8 where he explicitly declared that the Torah (and ending of Luke, Torah, prophets, psalms) were all written about Him. They are prophecies, and once we learn the pattern Yeshua gave, and allow for the Spirit, then seemingly unattached scripture to Messiah, shines with new meaning

  5. So very taken with this man of God. He has opened the Word of God through his deep understanding. Thank you Michael. Many prayers from all of us.

  6. Nehemia is such a blessing. His knowledge, his truthfulness, his open heart, have enriched my life, since I discovered him (thanks to my discovering Michael Rood as well) Thank you Michael, thank you Nehemia. Yehovah yoshiahu!

  7. Love listening to both of them, but do believe Jonah died and was resurrected as a type of Christ.
    Nehemiah is all about trusting the Lord to reveal His truth and not relying on the flesh. The Lord will reveal to him that Jesus is Lord in His timing, and His timing alone. That day is coming 🙂

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