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30 thoughts on “The Alphabet in Biblical Hebrew

  1. I’m fluent in Arabic and English. I learned the Hebrew alphabet in 3 hours! Arabic and Hebrew are sooooo close. Personally, I found Hebrew to be so much easier than Arabic. If you learn Hebrew, I suggest that you go on and learn Arabic. They’re really close. As a Palestinian. Arabic and hebrew are almost identical to me. Enjoy but the mem written in this video is not as we write it. Mem is written מ , and final mem is written ם. Don’t write it like he wrote it in the video. Write it like it i wrote it. Enjoy Hebrew 101

    • Yes, you are right about Arabic and Hebrew. Many of the translators of the English King James Bible (1611) were actually fluent in Arabic in addition to Hebrew.

    • Thank you for replying brother. Btw, I’m an ex Muslim in Christ. My family is Palestinian but we live on North America now. The family converted to ISlam from judism 3-4 generations ago and as you know, many Palestinian families had to convert to Islam for economic reasons. Today, I witness to the Muslim community and I’m struggling Btw, I wanted to ask you regarding your denomination. I follow a non denominational assembly but we don’t run like you guys do. We follow the word of god. We have appointed elders who oversee the flock only. We also have teachers who are talented but they’re from the assembly. How do you guys run? From what I see, you follow the one man ministry. Calling people pastors etc…
      Btw, I like most of your teachings but when it comes to Israel I kind of disagree with you. I believe that the people yisroel are still Israel and that god is going to deal with them. Israel the people are going to be judged severely very soon as Jews for denying Jesus Christ The book of revelations clearly speaks of the judgements Jews who reject Christ Til the end will face. I see the revival in Israel and I know palestinians and Jews who today love together even though it’s illegal and worship together in the state of Israel and let me tell you, everyday I hear of someone new joining the flock It’s great. The lord is doing great things there They’re Israel and they are always going to be Israel. My family are a part of Israel but they reject messiah sadly. In fact, theres a Muslim Jewish movement which is growing in Israel They’re fighting against the growing movement of converts into Christianity.

    • @nician Your call for people to return to Judaism is grotesque heresy, shame on you. And it was obviously the Jews that had Jesus killed… this is just more disgusting heresy, Pilate washed his hands.
      Where is your proof mystery Babylon is these Muslim things, and punishments dished out to Muslim countries?

  2. Kap̄ without a dagesh is supposed to sound like [x] as in German ‘noch’, but you are pronouncing it like a [ç] as in German ‘ich’.

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