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10 thoughts on “The ANSWER to CANCER

  1. Paul
    what is best natural way to recolonize gut microbiome 100 trillion good bacteria that make 85% immune system??
    sauerkraut organic non pasteurized?

    many sites say good bacteria probiotics have fast turnover have to take daily.

    do you buy into most naturopaths saying fermentated foods alone daily aren’t good enough to recolonize 100 trillion good bacteria 85% immune system so you need their specific probiotic supplement because they know what strains good bacteria are needed??

    is nattokinase serrapeptase and bromelain proteolytic enzymes 100% safe to dissolve blood clots ?? if not taking meds

    many natural sites say yes…but many forums say nattokinase and others dangerous.

    what do you think of olive leaf extract and olive leaf tea in killing all parasites and all pathogens? garlic and onions to kill all parasites??

    Andreas Moritz says lemons dissolve fat ,calcium deposits in body.I think it’s true. ??

  2. Andreas Moritz also YouTube talks about undigested food fermenting , poisoning body…how do we get rid undigested food in small intestine, colon….???
    fermented foods? like sauerkraut non pasteurized organic?

  3. Thomas sefried says cancers 2 fuels glucose and glutamine and cure is ketogenic diet to stop metabolic fermentation

    Bob wright tells ty Bollinger cancer is caused by chemicals and radiation period

    what do you think of what Bob and Thomas says?

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