Waiting without knowing when an answer will come takes patience and discipline — a test of faith that many of the most famous people in the Bible failed.

What can we learn from those in the Bible who had their patience tested? How can we walk by the spirit without succumbing to the temptation of doing things our own way?

In Learning to Walk by the Spirit, Michael Rood reveals the story behind the Apostles’ test of faith early in the book of Acts — this teaching is not for sale and it’s not on YouTube, but we’ll send it to you as a “thank you” for your donation.

For your Love Gift donation of $50 or more in October, Michael Rood will send you the Learning to Walk by the Spirit teaching — available only when you give to receive the Love Gift!

Or for $100 or more, you will receive Learning to Walk by the Spirit plus a magnificent model of the second temple!

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